‘The Modern Guitar Trio at the Rococo Cafe’ is available at Amazon.co.uk. Released in 2017, this album features major new compositions for the trio by Vincent Lindsey-Clark and Roland Chadwick. The CD opens with Roland Chadwick’s 6 movement Rococo Cafe which features the wonderful ‘Flowers for Jerome’. Vincent Lindsey-Clark’s 3 movement Metropolis is followed by The Puppeteer. The album closes with Roland Chadwick’s 4 movement work, The Memory of Water which features the monumental work, Tsunami.

‘The Modern Guitar Trio’ is the trios first recording and is available at Amazon.co.uk. Released in 2004, this album features Sonata Melodica by Vincent Lindsey=-Clark, Two Fusion Pieces by Roland Gallery and The Wendy House, a 5 movement suite by Roland Chadwick choreographed for the San Francisco Ballet.

Roland Chadwick – The Revealing features music by Roland Chadwick including the Mandolin Concerto and Letter from LA for classical guitar trio which was the first recording the Modern Guitar Trio made together. Released 2000 and available at Amazon.co.uk .